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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

San Marin Easter Egg Hunt, 11am, Saturday, April 15, All Saints Church

Our annual San Marin Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th at 11am at All Saints Lutheran Church.

Bring your kids, grand kids and family for our traditional Easter Egg hunt and meet the Easter Bunny! There will be three age groups - 0-2, 3-5, 6-9. 

We will also have potato sack race, egg toss and 3-legged race for the kids. Rick Wernick will be the Master of Ceremony with San Marin High Students assisting the Hunt and games.

All Saints church will be cooking up some BBQ for sale benefiting their youth group, while Kona Shave Ice truck along with the Kona Mascot add  to the festivities for the Easter Egg Hunt!  Please plan to stay for some BBQ with your friends! 

Please contact Sylvia Barry if you can help with the event or if you have other fun games in mind. We hope to continue the San Marin Tradition and make this fun for our kids and family! - cell/text 415-717-0293 email

Monday, March 13, 2017

City of Novato Budget Planning Workshop - 7pm, Thursday, 03/30, All Saints

Interested in learning abut City budget and provide input to budget planning priorities for the City of Novato?

You are invited to attend a budget planning workshop by City of Novato's Finance Manager, Brian Cochran, to learn about the City budget, visit with City departments, ask questions and share your thoughts.

• Topic: City of Novato’s Budget Planning Workshop
• Presenter: Brian Cochran, Finance Manager, City of Novato
• Date/Time: 7pm-9pm, Thursday, March 30
• Location: All Saints Church, 2 San Marin Drive – Thank you for letting us use the facility!

This is your chance to be involved. We hope you can attend the important meeting. Please invite our San Marin neighbors!

If you can't attend the workshop, please participate in an online discussion to share your budget priorities on Open Novato at Topics will be posted on Thursday, March 23. 

For more information on the City's budget:
For flyer and additional workshop at Hamilton and Downtown Novato

Please let me know if you are coming so I can get a headcount if possible. 

Thank you! 
Sylvia Barry 
San Marin Improvement Association (
Cell/Text: 415-717-0293

Thursday, October 6, 2016

SMIA San Marin Neighborhood Halloween Parade 11am, 10/29th

The Annual San Marin Improvement Association's ( San Marin Neighborhood Halloween Parade is scheduled Saturday, October 29th, at 11am. 

The parade starts in front of 181 San Andreas Drive (5 houses from San Marin across from the field) 

Categories are (0-2,3-5,6-8,9-12,groups/families, and pets). 

There will be a table set up prior to 11am for kids, families and pets to register and receive a number for judging. Parade will be led by Novato Fire and will commence on the normal route, down San Andreas, turn right onto San Carlos and finishing at All Saints Church where we will have a Halloween Costume contest. 

Big shout out to Novato Fire, Novato Police and the San Marin High School students for helping with the parade each year. 

Many thanks to San Marin neighbor Clint McArdell for stepping up to organize this event for the past few years! This is how we make our community great for everybody! 

Let your neighbors and friends know and see you October 29th! 

We are in need of Volunteers - both Adults and High School Students (will receive volunteer hours). 

Please call Sylvia Barry (415) 717-0293 or email if you can help! 

Sylvia Barry 
San Marin Improvement Association

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Annual San Marin Entire Neighborhood Garage Sale, 9am-1pm, this Saturday, 09/17

The Annual San Marin Neighborhood Garage Sale sponsored by San Marin Improvement Association ( is scheduled for 9-1pm, Saturday, 09/17.

Check for the Garage Sale List and Instructions.  There usually are many homes that have garage sales the same day but are not listed.

Please email your garage sale (address, cross street, items) to by Friday, 09/16, 2PM, to put you garage sale on the page and in the flyer to be printed and put along San Marin Drive.

Click for 2016 San Marin Garage Sale List -  - list updated till Friday afternoon (8.5x14)

For neighbors who are doing garage sale, other than the ADs I will put out, you are welcome to place your own ad and directional signs.  Please take all directional signs down after the sale to keep our neighborhood tidy.

To Recycle, Reuse, Dispose - Click  for items that are not sold but you would like to recycle, reuse, dispose

* Fresh Live/Cooked Lobster Sale Fundraiser - 09/24, 10/22 - 100% proceed goes to high school scholarships
* SI Novato Annual Luncheon - 10/05 - Positivity and Optimism Winning the Day - Laura Holmes Haddad, local author of This is Cancer: Everything You Need to Know from the Waiting Room. Register NOW - Limited Seats
* Oktoberfest - 10/22 5:30-10pm  Tickets?  Contact, Fundraiser for Novato Sunrise Rotary.

Thank you!
Sylvia Barry
cell/text (415) 717-0293

Friday, August 19, 2016

High Fire Season is Here!!! Come and Hear NFD Fire Chief Mark Heine Talk about Fire Prevention, 7pm, Wednesday, August 24

Just this week, Clayton Fire destroyed 268 structures with 175 being single family home! Novato had a couple close calls recently – Fire in Partridge Knolls II caused $250K+ damage by fire started on the exterior of the home and was intensified by the junipers near the house; another fire in the President’s Area destroyed the garage and 2nd story of the home.   Fortunately, both were contained before spreading further!
We feel this is the time to keep our guard up and have a refresher course from Novato Fire Department!
Novato Fire Chief, Mark Heine, will be the presenter for the next San Marin Improvement Association’s (“SMIA”) meeting.  He will touch upon Fire Prevention, current status on Fires around the state and the Paramedic Service in Novato.
It promises to be another hour well-spent.  
·      Topic: Fire Prevention, Fire-Fight and Paramedic Service
·      Presenter: Mark Heine, Chief, Novato Fire Department
·      Date/Time: 7pm, Wednesday, August 24
·      Location: All Saints Church, 2 San Marin Drive – Thank you for letting us use the facility!
We hope you can attend and please invite your San Marin neighbors!
To learn more about San Marin Improvement Association, please click  
Thank you! 
Sylvia Barry
Cell/Text: 415-717-0293
San Marin Improvement Association (

Saturday, July 30, 2016

San Marin High Proposed Athletic Field Light Informational Meeting, Wednesday, August 3, 7pm

Per request by concerned neighbors who live in the proximity of San Marin High School, San Marin Improvement Association (“SMIA” - has arranged an informational meeting about the proposed lighting at San Marin High School’s athletic field.
Tony Franceschini, San Marin Mustangs Sports Booster member who is heading the initiative will present the proposed project to SMIA members.  This is an opportunity for neighbors to learn firsthand about the project, ask questions and raise issues.
·         Topic: San Marin High School Proposed Field Light Project
·         Presenter: Tony Franceschini, San Marin High Sports Boosters Parent 
·         Date/Time: 7pm, Wednesday, August 3
·         Location: All Saints Church, 2 San Marin Drive
You are welcome to invite other San Marin neighbors who might be interested in learning about this project.
To learn more about San Marin Improvement Association, please click
Thank you!
Sylvia Barry
Cell/Text: 415-717-0293

San Marin Improvement Association (

Friday, June 24, 2016

San Marin Neighborhood Meeting - City of Novato General Plan Update - 7pm, Wednesday, July 13

Interested in finding out the direction and providing input to the future plan for the City of Novato?
You are invited to the next San Marin Improvement Association’s (“SMIA”) ( meeting to learn about the progress and vision of the City’s General Plan, which is being updated. 
Bob Brown, City of Novato's Community Development Director, will present the  General Plan Update that the city has been working on for the past couple years.  Bob will talk about the1996 General Plan, progress the city has made since, the outreach, vision and proposed direction with input received during the current General Plan Update cycle, covering period through year 2035.  
Bob will also talk briefly about projects that are currently under review by the city. This is your chance to ask questions about our San Marin neighborhood and possible future development.
This is a very important opportunity to learn and let your voice be heard about the future planning of Novato. You don’t want to miss it.    
I have included at the bottom of this invite information about the General Plan from the city's website. To find out the specifics, come and listen to Bob's presentation.
·      Topic: City of Novato’s General Plan Update
·      Presenter: Bob Brown, Community Development Director, City of Novato
·      Date/Time: 7pm, Wednesday, July 13
·      Location: All Saints Church, 2 San Marin Drive – Thank you for letting us use the facility!
We hope you can attend and please invite your San Marin neighbors!
To learn more about San Marin Improvement Association, please click What is San Marin Improvement Association? 
Please let me know if you are coming, so Bob can prepare handouts. 
Thank you! 
Sylvia Barry
Cell/Text: 415-717-0293
San Marin Improvement Association (

From City Website -  
The City's General Plan serves as a basis for decisions that affect the City’s growth and development such as transportation, land use, streets and infrastructure, parks, housing and neighborhoods, recreation and community facilities, downtown, the environment, public health and safety, and flooding. The General Plan is a strategic and long term document identifying goals and polices that guides and directs the City in terms of implementing policies, programs and resources. As required by State law, the City of Novato’s General Plan includes seven chapters, or "elements": land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise and safety
The General Plan is the principal policy document guiding the development and conservation of local municipalities, and is often referred to as the “constitution” of local development. The General Plan also reflects the vision and values of a community.
To remain effective, a General Plan usually focuses on a time horizon of 10 years.
Novato’s General Plan was last comprehensively updated in 1996; the City is looking towards 2035 with the General Plan update. New State regulations have been enacted, and our perspectives on land use and environmental issues have changed. 

The General Plan update is also an opportunity to formally incorporate locally adopted climate change documents into the new General Plan. In 2009, Novato adopted a Climate Action Plan (CAP), and in May 2013, adopted an updated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory using data from 2010. The intent is to weave climate change and adaptation strategies through the relevant chapters of the General Plan, set GHG emissions reduction targets and establish a long-term strategy to achieve those targets.