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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Light up San Marin for the Holidays!

With Halloween decorations now in evidence all over the neighborhood, holiday season is about to kick off again!   Right after pumpkin day, on November 1st, boy scouts from Troop 42 will be out delivering flyers around San Marin, as they have for the past half century, for the annual Christmas Luminaria event.

In years gone by the San Marin display was the biggest west of New Mexico, but as residents moved on, the tradition gradually declined to about half its former glory.  It would be nice to rekindle some of that glow. 

To that end, Troop 42 are looking to bring back “block captains.”  In previous years these local volunteers, usually one on every street, reminded neighbors to order flats and arranged to fill in "dark spots" if someone would be away on Christmas eve.  It’s a simple way to strengthen community spirit as well as increase the feel-good glow of the neighborhood.  If that sounds easy and you would like to help enhance the traditional Christmas Eve spectacle by chatting to a few neighbors, find out more by emailing Troop 42’s Luminaria coordinator at

(Please pass this on to other neighbors!)  Thanks!

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