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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Join / Support San Marin Improvement Association

San Marin Improvement Association (SMIA) is a neighborhood organization established in the 1970s for the benefits of the San Marin Neighbors. The SMIA covers the 1700+ homes in the area bordered by Mt. Burdell to the North, Simmons Lane to the East, and Novato Boulevard to the West.

The SMIA gives San Marin residents a voice in city/community planning and sponsors several annual events for the neighborhood.

To prevent building beyond San Andreas Drive by developers, the SMIA and Marin County Open Space District jointly purchased the Mount Burdell Preserve (1,627 acres) in 1977.  From the Novato Valley, this oak-studded mountain rises 1,558 feet to a summit, offering breathtaking views of the entire Bay Area.  During the drought of the 1970s and prior to the SMIA creating the Landscape District in 1981, the San Marin median strips became unkempt.  Once the Landscape District was established, it began maintaining the median strips for our neighborhood which continues today.  

To our new neighbors, we hope you will join the SMIA.  To our longtime neighbors, we hope you will continue to support us; because without your support and volunteerism, the 40+ year SMIA will falter.  

Annual Dues are voluntary and only $15.  Go to to pay dues or send a check payable to ‘San Marin Improvement Association’ or ‘SMIA’ and mail to SMIA c/o Sylvia Barry, 1284 Simmons Lane, Novato, CA, 94945.  Be sure to include your address, email and phone number with the payment so we can add you to the SMIA contact list

The annual dues are used to build community relationships through events such as the:
> Easter Egg Hunt & Picnic  > Classic Car Exposition      > Community Garage Sales
> Halloween Parade            > Santa by Sleigh

Join Yahoo Group Now!
A Free Yahoo group page, SanMarinImprovementAssociation (, has been created for San Marin residents. It is intended to be a resource for San Marin residents to communicate with each other on issues that affect San Marin and its residents. We will be sending out e-mail reminders of SMIA meetings and events.  Anyone in the Yahoo group can post to the group and, with approval by the group moderators, posts will be e-mailed to the entire Yahoo group.

Sign Up Today!  Don't Miss Out!  

New to the Neighborhood?
Are you new to the San Marin neighborhood or know someone new?  Please contact SMIA by emailing ( with your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number, so we can update our database to keep you informed of local events. All the information that you send remains solely within the SMIA database. Do join our Yahoo Group (see link above) to get important neighborhood updates, meetings, reminders, etc.   
Again, please remember to include your name, address, phone number, eMail address so we can add you to the SMIA contact list.  
Questions, New Ideas, Interested in Volunteering for SMIA and Make this a Better Community?  Please contact Sylvia Barry, cell/text 415-717-0293 or email  

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