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Friday, February 8, 2019

San Marin - Upcoming Meetings - Novato Blvd/San Marin Drive Intersection 02/12, Comstock Commons Neighborhood Meeting, 02/19, San Andreas Site Meeting 02/28

Dear San Marin Neighbors,

Just want to inform you of upcoming meetings for three ‘POTENTIAL’ projects in the San Marin neighborhood:
Novato Blvd and San Marin Drive Intersection, Comstock Commons (south/east corner of San Andreas and San Marin Drive, the old Texaco Station Site) and San Andreas School Site 2nd Neighborhood meeting.

1)      Novato Blvd and San Marin Drive Intersection, 6pm, Tuesday, 02/12, City Council Meeting.  Item J.2.

This is to request City Council’s approval for the staff to start studying traffic concerns at the intersection of Novato Blvd and San Marin Drive and come up with recommendations to address the concerns.  

From Project Initiation Report - “The pedestrian and bicyclist safety concerns identified in this project were first brought to the City Engineer by San Marin High School ninth grade student, Ashley Leonard and her Girl Scout Project Advisor, Paul LaPerriere. In addition, the Draft Novato General Plan 2035 Update Traffic Analysis identified the intersection of Novato Boulevard and San Marin Drive/Sutro Avenue as requiring traffic mitigation. The City of Novato Engineering Division proposes to initiate a new Capital Improvement Project to improve the intersection of Novato Boulevard and San Marin Drive/Sutro Avenue.”
Please see item J.2. of City Council Meeting Agenda for 02/12.

J. General Business.

J.2. Adopt a resolution amending the 2018/19 Budget to add Capital Improvement Project #19-009, intersection improvements at Novato Blvd and San Marin Dr/Sutro Avenue, to the Capital Improvement Program

2)      Comstock Commons (200 San Marin Drive, South-East corner of San Andreas and San Marin Drive, the old Texaco Station Site). 7pm, Tuesday, 02/19, at Margaret Todd Center – Room #3

       Please click for  Information on Comstock Commons Project

Notice was just given to the neighbors about this meeting.  Projection Description:
Proposed six (6) live-work units on a 25,700 square foot parcel. Each live-work unit contains 743-square feet of non-residential studio space and 970-square feet of living area, with a building height of 27-feet. The units will be clustered as 3 separate buildings, each with 2 live-work units. The lower level of the buildings will be non-residential and the upper level will be used as living units. 

The live-work units will be located towards the southern portion of the parcel, and required parking for the units located in the northern area of the parcel. There will be 15 parking spaces provided on-site, which includes 2 ADA accessible spaces.”

3)      San Andreas School Site 2nd Neighborhood Meeting is rescheduled for 7pm, Thursday, 02/28, at All Saints Church.

This is the 2nd Neighborhood Meeting for NUSD to come and  update San Marin Neighbors on the results of the Feasibility Study conducted during the past few months by City of Novato.  The meeting was tentatively scheduled for March 7th but is now rescheduled for 02/28 due to staff availability.    

NUSD/City of Novato will present the findings to NUSD Board of Trustees on Tuesday, 02/26 (open to public) and will follow up with San Marin neighbors on 02/28.   

Please mark your calendar and attend the neighborhood meeting.

A Favor – Please let your San Marin Neighbors know about these meetings and also ask them to email me if they would like to be put on the email list.

Sylvia Barry
San Marin Improvement Association  

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